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European thin film on high temperature glass specialist.

More than 20 years experience in gobo blanks production and technical glass sizing.

Our product range encompasses dedicated coatings with high reflection to the lamp and low reflection to the objective, used in high-power projection systems.


Drix produces gobo blanks in all popular sizes for photochemical etching and for laser ablation.


Besides the Black/White blanks, Drix produces CMY colour filter blanks on ultrathin glass for both photochemical etching and laser ablation allowing the production of full colour CMYK gobo’s.

For spot colour gobo production, Drix offers a range of blue, red and green colours. Upon request, we can produce virtually any colour.


We are highly responsive to special requests regarding sizes, special shapes and special colours. Drix accepts both large and small orders from business customers.

We stock all popular sizes. Generally orders for stock products can be shipped the same day.


Drix produces mask plates, resisted and non-resisted, mostly on 6x6 inch size glass.

We produce patterned structures on glass, such as technical structures for encoder applications and electrical circuits on glass.


Drix offers semiconductor processing services on 100mm size wafers.


We are currently looking for new colleagues, borh for production and technical work.

Please look on the jobs page for details.


Last update: 08/12/2023